Marketing and communication consulting

Intellectual training and experience gained over 12 years have made iMedia Advertising a good knowledgeable of the business to business market. We interact with major players in many industries.

iMedia Advertising sees and treats your company's current status and also issues or crisis situations. Thanks to the integrated range of services we can move along the progress of implementation of this strategy.

We desire to have a unique relationship with each of our clients, you will see on us professional approach, quality and impeccable services.

Did you know that...

  • When starting a new business, when it comes to the realization of business ideas, iMedia Advertising helps you with best tips on how to get profit quickly?

  • In an age of speed and savings, a marketing team can always be costly? iMedia Advertising teaches you how to outsource this service when need it and costs will be per campaign, not per month.

  • Even if you are financially not prepared to implement a campaign, iMedia Advertising can be useful only in the plan development, a small talk with real ideas?

  • Your products or services may be preferred in the market you are activating; there is a team that can make sellable and profitable your business? This team is iMedia Advertising!

  • Time is the key in developing a business, if it is not rated, can he be wasted? You may think is impossible, but with iMedia Advertising projects can run only communicating by phone or email, without the need for long meetings or sessions. Certainly we focus our full attention on your needs.

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Our Services

  • Market research
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Purchasing and monitoring media space
  • Implementation and evaluation
  • Communication analysis and advice
  • Corporate communication
  • Organizing press conferences
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Support and sales promotion
  • Events organization
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Direct mailing
  • Sampling, Promotionals
  • Large Print and Offset Print
  • Arrangement stands, fairs and exhibitions