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Anca Cojocaru- Executiv Chief

With 15 years of experience in this domain/field of activity, founder of iMedia Advertising concept, Anca Cojocaru is, with no doubt, the clear reflection of passion's and devotment's universe for the place she has in advertising.

Management graduate and MA degree in Marketing Management, Anca has a special strategic view (vision) and she is a senior consultant in national and international projects.

IAA member, she has been interested, from the beginning, in participating on workshops and trainings: Personnel evaluation, Marketing research, Consultative sale(s), Assertive communication(s), Competences management etc., obtaining along the way diplomas like: "Best Consultative Sale", "Outstanding Manager" etc.
"The client beyond everything" and "Heads up" are two of the phrases wherewith iMedia, starting with Anca Cojocaru, their captain, made sensation in advertising world.

Carmen Dumitrasc - Research and Development Chief

She has an experience of 7 years in our agency and 10 years in the field. She manages large accounts of the company's old clients. Carmen is a graduate in Commerce and she has a MA degree in Marketing and Business Communication from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.
She has an undefeated costs projection and she is continually up-dated with market's evolution in every domain, knowing all segments of public and having solutions every time. Carmen organises and co-ordinates marketing functions in her accounts. She adores her work space and this criteria is reflected in her excelent results.

Elena Gusuleac - CFO

Having graduated the Management Faculty, Elena is the agency's oldest employee. Company "guardian" for more than 10 years by now, she is responsible with figures and numbers and without her effectiveness, all the calculations would be messed up. Elena coordinates all resources, either human or financial and assures that the team is always at its best standards and also that everyone is a value in the company .

Andreea Cojocaru - PR & Event Manager

Andreea has graduated the Communication and Public Relations University and has a MA degree in Brand Management and Corporate Communication.
She is 24 years old and it is an expert in copywriting and events. In 5 years of activity within the agency she went through several hierarchical steps, from PR Assistant to Event Manager. Typically for her age, she never gets tired, and regarding events, she is an innate perfectionist and cares a lot about details.
Copywriter and organizer, Andreea is fond of her work.

Alina Pricea - Marketing Specialist

evoted and highly receptive, Alina has graduated the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and has a MA degree in Marketing Management. iMedia Advertising has made her fall in love to this domain and helped improving her knowledge.
Starting with 2011 Alina's passion turned to reality by working and applying her marketing skills in reality. Always cheerful, she comes up with innovating ideas and surprises us with every occasion or brainstorming. At 24 years old, Alina may be considered a natural born talent in terms of marketing.

Mihai Bucuroiu - New Business Manager

Mihai is the newest member of the team and handle the new business within the agency. Working in sales in 1995 and dealt primarily print and online. He organized thematic or corporate events since 2005. Although his work is often individual fits very quickly in teamwork whenever needed.
Our experience so far, interactivity with hundreds of business and fields in which to practice, we determine to be very customer oriented and integrated communication to solve their problems.

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  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing strategy and planning
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  • Implementation and evaluation
  • Communication analysis and advice
  • Corporate communication
  • Organizing press conferences
  • Promotion campaigns
  • Support and sales promotion
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